One a recent trip to IKEA, I spotted these really cool picture frames however I didn’t like the colour. So I decided that this could be easily remedied by spraying them the colour I wanted, so here’s how I did it……Picture frame from IKEA, Kvill, £5.00Spray paint from Hobbycraft, Plastikote fast dry, black matt, £3.99.

Step 1.

Choose your frame and applicable spray paint and, for my frames I need to use enamel spray paint. Then lay some protective sheeting to protect your surface. I have used bubble wrap. For future projects I would used something flatter as the bubbles affect the bottom of your surface.

Step 2.

Before you get started with spraying your frames, ensure that they are clean and clear of dust and then remove the glass.

Step 3.

Once all of the steps are complete, you are now ready to spray lightly, ensuring that you spray into all the nooks and crannies, then leave this coat to dry for around 30 minutes. Then spray again lightly, leaving this coat to dry for 1 hour.

Step 4.

Now you are ready to select your image, display your picture frame and enjoy.

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